Isolate specific CPU Cores for running your alogrithms.

Isolate CPU cores and run your algorithms on them.   It is possible to isolate individual cores from the scheduler available in linux, as it provides individual CPU specific sets for each core in the kernel. This CPU set then allows developers to modify the scheduler's behavior. Before we go into the depths of this I would like to clear somethings here itself, First and foremost though this tutorial says you can completely isolate the core for running your own piece of code that might not be totally true as there are still some of the processing in the kernel that will require the execution time. Second the most important we will try to isolate the core from the kernel activities also so that we will get the most out of it. As we all know or must know that bootloader passes the details of the underlying hardware to the linux kernel, hence we know the hardware description to some extent*. The introduction of SMP was a great achievement, lets go ahead and discuss what
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